This is the work "Shoes on the Map", Paris 1983, US$ 5.000 (Earth level, MI-line). On its borders we can recognice many photos of the artist, wondering about Identity. On the worlds map, yellow children shoes symbolize the spiritual supremacy.
In antithesis to this work, the painting "Breathing", Tokyo 1985, unsalable (same MI line). Stifled by narrow-mindedness she encountered in her hometown, Ter/amo, ReneŽe Fabbi/occhi has been fighting since childhood to retain her spiritual nature and secure her own identy.
She was supported by her mother, her close confidante, who believed in her talent and allowed her to study and travel extensively. She excelled in her studies to such a degree that she was awarded scholarships by the New York Public Library and Warwick University. Her thesis on D.G. Rossetti entitled "Ut Pictura Poesis" proved to be a profound influence on her troughout her life.